A little about me

Hello. My name is Harumi Kobayashi. I'm a graphic designer and a letterpress printer living in Sherman, Texas.

I was born and raised in Japan. I acquired my graphic design experience at several design companies in Tokyo. After leaving Japan in 2002 and traveling for a year, my husband and I moved to Kauai, Hawaii. I established Mejiro Graphics and worked with local business owners, which presented me with a wide range of challenging projects, such as product identity development, logo design, label design and editorial layout.

In 2006 we moved to one of the boating communities in Washington state. I broadened my services and offered web design as well as graphic design. Although it has been interesting and challenging to design and build websites, I started to feel like I was constantly chasing new skills and techniques in order to keep up on internet technologies.

And it was just about then, that I discovered letterpress printing with my husband. We're totally fascinated with this old and slow way to print on paper. We bought a Chandler & Price platen press in 2013. I've had a lot of support from my husband with restoring the press and understanding printing, and we started to produce our original greeting cards in 2014.

In 2016 we moved to Texas. I'm excited with a new chapter in my life.

I love traveling and scuba diving. I love playing with our cat, Olele. Also, I am a tea lover, both green and black.

So what is a Mejiro?

mejiroA Mejiro [may-gee-row], or Japanese White-eye, is a small olive-green songbird with a conspicuous white eye-ring. The White-eye can be found in Japan and Hawaii searching for insects and nectar in trees and shrubs.

My husband and I enjoyed watching Mejiros coming to our bird feeder every spring when we lived in Mejiro, Tokyo, Japan. When we moved to Hawaii, we were excited to find out that Mejiros have been in Hawaii since the Japanese immigrants introduced them in the 1920’s.

Not surprisingly, I call my business “Mejiro Graphics”.